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Register Articles

1A Elder Allen Wiley. Accounts of outstanding early evangelist in Culpeper and Orange.
1B  Progress Towards the Baptist General Association of Virginia by Reuben E. Alley
1C  Silhouettes of Virginia Baptist Leadership in Missions by Blanche Sydnor White
2A  John Jordan: Rockbridge Baptist Layman by John S. Moore
2B  An 18th Century Yankee Baptist Tours Virginia by Horseback. Isaac Backus' visit to Virginia in 1789.
2C  Carter's Run: Mother Church by John K. Gott. Account of early Fauquier County church.
3A  Early Baptists of Pittsylvania County by R. Stuart Grizzard
3B  Jacob Grigg: Pioneer Missionary by Blanche Sydnor White. Account of early English Baptist missionary among African-Americans.
3C  The Well Across the Road by W. B. Hackley. Concerns John Leland's homesite in Orange Co. Va.
4A  Contributions of Germanna Descendants to the Baptist Denomination
4B  The Baptist Struggle in Rockbridge County, 1798-1900 by John S. Moore
4C  If Madison Had Come to Dinner by W. B. Hackley. Research on the legendary meeting between John Leland and James Madison which may have influenced the First Amendment.
5A  To Erect a Seminary of Learning by W. Harrison Daniel. Account of early Baptist churches especially in Virginia.
5B  Father Dempsey of Botetourt by John P. Oliver, Jr. Concerns pioneer preacher and pastor "Father" Absalom Dempsey.
5C  Exhortation Among Early Virginia Baptists by Jerry L. Tarver. Concerns preaching styles.
6A  The Nine Christian Rites in the Early Baptist Churches of Virginia.
6B  New Light on an Old Church by John S. Moore. Concerns early church in Charlotte Co., Va.
6C  Two Bedford Plowboys: A Missionary Tour. Account of pioneer state missionaries in Virginia in 1820s.
6D  Genealogical Notes: Elijah Baker (1742-1798).
7A  Virginia's Contribution to William Jewell College by H. I. Hester
7B  Elder John Alderson, Jr., and the Greenbrier Church by Ralph C. McDanel.
7C  Early Baptist Marriage Forms by W. B. Hackley.
8A  "Col. Robert Carter, a Baptist" by William L. Lumpkin. Account of wealthy Robert Carter and his period as a Baptist.
8B  John Weather-ford (1743-1833): The Man Behind the Legends by John S. Moore. Account of one of the imprisoned ministers of Colonial Virginia.
8C  Glimpses of a Goshen Missionary in the 1840s, Warren Owens (1811-1873) by W. B. Hackley.
9A  The Virginia Baptist Seminary, 1832-1842-Part I by W. Harrison Daniel. Forerunner school of the University of Richmond.
9B  The Role of Eleazar Clay in the Middle District Baptist Association by John D. Edens.
9C  Baptist Dress in Olden Days.
10A  The Forgotten Story of Fall Creek Church by John S. Moore. Story of early Pittsylvania County church.
10B  Let the Records Speak--Sidelights on Samuel Harris by W. B. Hackley. Story of the great early preacher Samuel "The Apostle" Harris.
10C  The Virginia Baptist Seminary, 1832-1842--Part II by W. Harrison Daniel.
11A  Elder Richard Jones (1677/78-1762) The Second Baptist Pastor in Virginia
11B  Virginia's Three Baptist Apostles by John S. Moore. Stories of those who wore the title of "Apostle" for a brief period.
11C  From Hanover to Pittsylvania. Biographical Notes on Samuel Harris by W. B. Hackley.
11D  Writers of Early Virginia Baptist History (1) Morgan Edwards. By John S. Moore.
12A  A Bicentennial History of Chestnut Grove Baptist Church, 1773-1973. Story of early church in Albemarle Co., Va.
12B  Mt. Poney-Culpeper Baptist Church Genesis and Sidelights by W. B. Hackley.
12C  Writers of Early Virginia Baptist History (2) John Asplund: Stroller Historian, by William L. Lumpkin.
13A  Writers of Early Virginia Baptist History (3) John Leland by John S. Moore.
13B  Hedgeman's River-Jeffersonton Baptist Church. Story of early Culpeper County church.
13C  The Baptist Meeting House in Front Royal, Virginia 1830-1868 by John P. Oliver, Jr.
14A  The Religious Heritage of the Virginia Mountaineer by Lynn C. Dickerson.
14B  Writers of Early Virginia Baptist History (4) John Williams by John S. Moore.
14C  The Local Virginia Baptist Church and How It Functioned, 1865-1900 by W.Harrison Daniel.
14D A Campbellite Controversy in the Valley Association, 1844-1845 by John S. Moore.
15A  One Hundred Years: The Virginia Baptist Historical Society, 1876-1976 by John D.Edens.
15B  Writers of Early Virginia Baptist History (5) Robert Baylor Semple by William L. Lumpkin.
15C  The Meherrin Baptist Church, Lunenburg County, Virginia, 1771-1842
15D  Jeremiah Walker in Virginia by John S. Moore.
15E  Jeremiah Walker: Georgia General Baptist by Robert G. Gardner.
16A  History of Laurel Hill Baptist Church, Augusta County, Virginia, 1851-1976 by Sally O. and Wayne D. Hannah.
16B  Virginia Baptist Ministers who Migrated to Kentucky Before 1880 by Leo T. Crismon.
16C  Early Virginia Baptist Church Covenants by William L. Lumpkin.
16D  Charles Manly's Lexington Pastorate 1903-1914 by John S. Moore.
17A  John Williams' Journal Edited with Comments by John S. Moore.
17B  Virginia Baptists' Expanding Ministry 1865-1900 by W. Harrison Daniel.
17C  Virginia's Contribution to Kentucky Baptists by Leo T. Crismon
18A  Morgan Edwards' 1772 Virginia Notebook. Edited with Notes and Comments by John S. Moore.
18B  The Baptist March Across Virginia 1750-1979 by John S. Moore
19A  Luther Rice's Early Travels in Virginia.
19B  The Diary of Mary W. Taylor, 1861-1864. Edited by W. Harrison Daniel. Diary kept in Civil War Richmond by daughter of prominent minister.
20A  George Braxton Taylor's Diary. Student years of Taylor who founded missions organization for children and served as pastor.
20B  Rector College, An Appalachian Baptist School by W. Harrison Daniel.
20C  Six Virginia Baptist Missionaries of 1835. With Emphasis on the Robert Davenports. Concerns William Mylne to Africa, Lewis and Henrietta Shuck to China, and Robert Davenport to Siam.
21A  The Prison Diary of William F. Broaddus Edited by W. Harrison Daniel. Civil War prison diary kept by prominent minister.
21B  Virginia Baptist Statistics, 1699-1790 by Robert G. Gardner. Master compiler of Baptist statistics concentrates on early Virginia.
22A  Gleanings from Luther Rice's 1819-1820 Journal by Fred Anderson. Pioneer missionary's accounts of travels in Virginia.
22B  John Davis Williams: A Forgotten Virginia Baptist Minister by R. B. Rosenburg. Story of early pastor in Southside Virginia.
23A  The Virginia Separate Baptists and Arminianism, 1760-1787 by C. Dirck Keyser.
23B  A Religious Press in Time of War. The Religious Herald 1860-65 by Thomas E.Miller,Jr.
23C  Bedford Baptists, 1840-1860 by W. Harrison Daniel.
24A  Jehu Lewis Shuck: First Baptist Missionary to China by Thelma Wolfe Hall.
24B  Yong Seen Sarng's Visit to America, 1846-47 by Fred Anderson. Account of early Chinese Christian who visited the East Coast of U. S.
24C  Andrew Broaddus and Hymnody by Paul A. Richardson.
24D  Virginia Baptist and Slavery, 1759-1790, Part I by Robert G. Gardner.
25A  Virginia Baptist Petitions for Religious Liberty, 1770-1798 by John S. Moore.
25B  Eli Ball of Virginia, 1786-1853 by Paul A. Richardson. Account of early hymn compiler in Virginia.
25C  Virginia Baptists and Slavery, 1759-1790, Part II by Robert G. Gardner.
25D  Joel B. Lemon, 1828-1910. Portrait of a Nineteenth-Century Baptist Deacon by Lynn C. Dickerson. Lemon was layman associated with Mill Creek Church of Botetourt Co., Va.
26A  John Roberts Moffett: Virginia Baptists' Martyr for Temperance by Fred Anderson. Story of Pittsylvania County minister who was murdered after taking anti-liquor stand.
26B  "If Subjugation Ever Should Be Our Sad Lot" A Sermon by Richard Andrew Fox Edited by Nelson D. Lankford.
26C  Recollections of My Early Life, 1863-1885, Part I by Archibald Thomas Robertson. Story of prominent Baptist theologian.
27A  Samuel Chiles Mitchell, Educator and Churchman: The Early Richmond Years, 1895- 1908 by W. Harrison Daniel.
27B  Recollections of My Early Life, 1863-1885, Part II by Archibald Thomas Robertson.
27C  The Ketocton and Philadelphia Associations in the 18th Century, Part I by Robert G. Gardner.
28A  Richard Dozier's Historical Notes, 1771-1818. Edited by John S. Moore. Original account of early Baptist work in the Northern Neck of Virginia. Printing of valuable early manuscript with editorial notes. Special Price.
28B  Hannah Lee Corbin Hall-A Baptist by Rees Watkins. Story of a woman from Colonial Virginia who did what she could for religious liberty.
29A  Eleazar Clay's Hymns and Spiritual Songs (1793) by Paul A Richardson.
29B  Upper Carter's Run Church and Dr. John Monroe by John S. Moore. Story of early church in Fauquier Co., Va.
29C  The Ketocton and Philadelphia Associations In the 18th Century, Part II by Robert G. Gardner
30A  Elijah Baker (1742-1798) A One-Talent Man who Succeeded by John S. Moore. Story of one of the pioneer preachers who was imprisoned for his faith.
30B  Reuben Ford (1742-1823) Model Baptist Minister by John S. Moore.
30C  Edward Baptist, The Virginia Years, 1790-1835 by Michael P. Gwaltney and W. Harrison Daniel. Important early figure in Baptist educational and denominational work.
30D  Samuel Chiles Mitchell, The Richmond Years, 1920-1945 by W. Harrison Daniel.
31A  The Journal of Henry Toler, Part 1, 1782-1783, Edited by William S. Simpson, Jr. Preacher who influenced Robert Carter and eventually settled in Westmoreland Co., Va.
31B  John William Jones (1836-1909), Historian of the Confederacy by John S. Moore.
32A  Why David Barrow Moved to Kentucky by Ernest A. Freeburg, III.
32B  The Journal of Henry Toler, Part II, 1783-1786, Edited by William S. Simpson, Jr.
33A  Let Justice Be Done to Slavery, The White Virginia Baptist Clergy and the Slaves, 1840-1865 by Scott R. Reisinger
33B   Rene Chastain, Jr. (1741-1823), A Man who made Full Proof of His Ministry by John S. Moore, Jr., Story of one of the persecuted ministers.
34A  The Religious Herald and The Whitsitt Controversy, 1896-1899 by Michael J. Clingenpeel. Story of one of the great controversies among Southern Baptists.
34B  Two Outstanding Virginia Baptists: Jeremiah B. Jeter and James B. Taylor by Jesse Fletcher.
34C  William Webber (1747-1808), A Remarkably Plain Man by John S. Moore. Story of one of the imprisoned ministers.
34D  John Wailer (1741-1802) A Man Worthy of Notice by John S. Moore. Story of one of the imprisoned ministers and great evangelist.
35A  William Crane (1790-1866) Enterprising Baptist Layman by John S. Moore.
35B  H. H. Harris' Civil War Diary, (1863-1865) by W. Harrison Daniel.
35C  Daniel Witt's Journal, July 9 to Nov. 12, 1824 by John S. Moore.
36A  William McClanahan by Ernest C. Bolt, Jr. Story of pioneer preacher.
36B  H. H. Harris' Civil War Diary, Part II by W. Harrison Daniel.
37A  Richmond Female Institute, (1850-1868) by W. Harrison Daniel. Story of early education for women as sponsored by the Baptists.
37B  William Sands by John S. Moore. Story of early editor of the Religious Herald.
38A  After Three Centuries of Baptist Life and Witness in Virginia by William R. Estep. Perhaps last address delivered by the noted Baptist historian.
38B  Henry Keeling Ellyson, 1823-1890 by John S. Moore. Story of prominent Virginia Baptist lay leader.
38C  J. L. M. Curry and His Famous Address: "Struggles and Triumphs of Virginia Baptists" by John S. Moore.
39A  Morgan Edwards' Virginia Volume. Edited by John S. Moore. Original manuscript with editor's notes. Special Price.
40A  Upper Goose Creek Baptist Church, 1801-1859 by E. Lee Shepard.
41A  Theodorick Noel by William S. Simpson, Jr.
41B  Bibliography of Baptist Sources in the Virginia Historical Society by E. Lee Shepard.
42A  Olive Bagby: making Sacrifice on a Dream: Olive Bagby as Southern Baptist Missionary by Dr. Li Li.
42B  Olive Bagby: Fulfilling Service on a Dream: Olive Bagby as a Southern Baptist Layperson after China by Fred Anderson.
42C  Bruington Baptist Church by Fred Anderson.
43A  To be a Good and Useful Man (California History) by R. Michael Whitt.
43B  We Ask For Men: Edward Jefferson Willis (California History) by Fred Anderson.
43C  J. Lewis Shuck In the Devil's Stamping Ground (California History) by Thelma Hall Miller.
44A  A Place of Baptist Values (University of Richmond History) by Frederick J. Anderson.
44B  Charles Hill Ryland: A Visionary Baptist by Pamela C. Ash.
44C  The Letters of Three Baptist Students by R. Michael Whitt.
45A  Turning the World Upside Down: The Story of the Bedford Plowboys by Frederick J. Anderson.
45B  A Virginia Baptist Gazetteer: The Journal of Daniel Witt edited by R. Michael Whitt.
46A This Is My Story...This Is My Song: Baptist congregational song in America by Milburn Price.
46B  Help for Churches: A rare Baptist document edited by E. Lee Shepard.

Letters Between Friends: Correspondence between two Virginia Baptist leaders of the 19th century by Fred Anderson.

 47A  Unto the Hills: Baptist Witness in Southwest VA, 1700s-1890 by Fred Anderson
 47B  Noah Baldwin:  The Man from Whang Doodle Hollow by Fred Anderson










Inventory of Churches in Southwest VA  Prior to 1890

What Mean These Stones: Monuments, Markers and Tablets to Virginia Baptists Who Struggled to Secure Religious Liberty compiled by Fred Anderson

Landmark Addresses Given at the Dedication of Monuments to John Waller, James Madison & John Leland, James Ireland and Samuel Harris

Journal of William Young Hiter (1778-1848) edited by Joel H. Feigenbaum

NOTE:  49 "Sunbeams & Shadows: George Braxton Taylor, 50 "free indeed!" on blacks & whites before emancipation, 51 with the biography of George W. McDaniel, 52 on Powerful Preachers and the current issue, 53, need to be ordered as complete volumes at the stated prices..     


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