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A Word from a Readers!

I wanted to let you know that my kids loved it! My daughter Alex is 8 years old and she read the whole magazine and made me play the game with her as soon as she finished.

One funny story. That night after reading the magazine Alex and her older brother Michael got out their miniature soldiers to play and they played the Baptists versus the Applicants. I tried to figure out who the Applicants were . . . and then finally realized that they were playing the Baptists versus the Anglicans.

This introduction to Anglicans led my son to question me about whether I know any Anglicans which of course led to a history lesson on the Church of England, the Revolutionary War, and the Episcopal Church. On the way to church on Sundays, we always drive past St. George's Episcopal Church. This past Sunday I pointed out the church so he got to see some real-live Episcopals walking into their church building.

It has been a great learning experience for both my children - and has gone beyond simply reading the stories to learning about other denominations and other ways of doing worship.

Thanks so much! I am glad you thought of putting this together. The quality of writing and art work is superior! GREAT JOB!

Pam Durso 
Associate Director 
Baptist History and Heritage Society