Information about C.J. Key:  C. J. Key is a cartoon character key designed after the key from the lock and key of Culpeper Jail housed in the Virginia Baptist Historical Society. The story of the Culpeper Jail, in particular James Ireland and the struggle for Religious Liberty, serves as an entry point into Baptist Heritage. The "key" represents the ability to unlock and open doors for new discovery by the children. The age group targeted by Heritage Seekers, 8-12 year olds, desire consistency in their routines. C. J. Key is the consistent factor for the children in every issue. The children will have the ability to write to C. J. and ask heritage questions and will receive a birthday greeting from C. J. during their birthday month. All stories in the magazine will be told from C. J.’s perspective or at least will begin with his perspective.

The Key character was drawn by a professional graphic artist and is a trademark of the Center for Baptist Heritage & Studies.