The Virginia Baptist Historical Society maintains a library and archives of primary and secondary research materials with a strong emphasis upon Baptist history in Virginia. The collection includes about 20,000 books by and about Baptists, extensive biographical material, over 3,400 original church record books from about 500 congregations, and other archival material. Researchers contact and visit the VBHS from all over the United States and beyond.
Research is conducted on-site by appointment. All materials are housed in closed stacks and, therefore, it is helpful to have contacted the research assistant in advance so that the materials are ready for use.  There is no charge for research conducted on-site; however, contributions are appreciated. 
Research especially for family information is also offered by mail. Researchers can request research, give as much information as known to assist in the search, and send the required fee. The cost of a basic two-hour search conducted by our staff is $22. The research staff cannot do the extensive research needed for church histories, dissertations, and similar personal projects.
For further information and to schedule a research visit or to request an information search, contact:
Darlene Herod, Research Assistant
P.O. Box 34
University of Richmond, VA. 23173
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