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 NEW PUBLICATION on Baptist women ministers

The Heritage Center has published Strength for the Journey:  Feminist Theology & Baptist Women Pastors by Judith Bledsoe Bailey.  Full information listed under NEWS


"free indeed!"

exhibit on slavery and emancipation

continues until December 2015.  Schedule a group tour of the exhibit.


Established in 2000 following an agreement between the Baptist General Association of Virginia, the University of Richmond and the Virginia Baptist Historical Society, the Center for Baptist Heritage & Studies seeks to champion Baptist distinctives and Baptist heritage and to provide educational opportunities related to Baptist distinctives, history and heritage.

It accomplishes its mission in numerous ways, including the production of resources and publications, the offering of convocations and programs on special topics of interest, and the availability of a Heritage Fellows program for college students and an essay contest for high school students. The Center also publishes a family magazine, Heritage Seekers.

The Center for Baptist Heritage & Studies is supported through contributions from interested individuals and other friends. Anyone interested in the ministry of the Center for Baptist Heritage & Studies is encouraged to consider a gift. The Center was approved in late 1999 and began operations in 2000 as an organization equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The Center serves as an educational medium to teach and transmit Baptist heritage. It champions Baptist distinctives and Baptist heritage by providing educational opportunities and resources and it explores concepts, topics and ideas of current interest to Baptists. Its tag line is “Remembering the Past and Imagining the Future.”

The Center has published numerous resources including a small book for teaching Baptist heritage in the local church, a DVD resource on the principle of Separation of Church and State as well as DVDs from its convocations on such topics as Christian Response to Diversity in Our Culture and on Peace-bearing. It published 12 issues of a magazine entitled Heritage Seekers which is designed to teach Baptist history and heritage to children and their families. The entire set of Heritage Seekers is available as a boxed resource.



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