Roots & Wings - Young Scholars Essay Contest

The essay


 The Question


There are and always have been many different groups or streams of Baptists in organizations and in thought.  Following the American Civil War, Baptists of the North and South sought reconciliation with one another.  They remained separate in organizational life but they did attempt "to form a more perfect union" by associating, sharing and building upon relationships.  With this as a background, write an essay in which you reflect upon the question:  "Why and How Baptists Should Seek Reconciliation Among Themselves."  Draw both upon some historical background (check Baptist history books or on the World Wide Web) and/or some contemporary illustrations AND present your own thoughts upon why reconciliation among Baptists is to be desired.


In an essay of no more than 1200 words, share the following:  "To Form a More Perfect Union:  Why and How Baptists Should Seek Reconciliation Among Themselves."

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