The Center publishes resources on Baptist history and heritage. Select resources to order from the list below, complete the following order form and mail with a check made payable to the Center for Baptist Heritage & Studies. For additional resources also visit the Bookstore at the Virginia Baptist Historical Society located on the Historical Society’s side of this website and the Bookstore at the Heritage Seekers location on this website.

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In Search of the Heroic by Andrew Gardner.  A Baptist Heritage Resource for Youth.  50 p. paperback $5.99 each + $2 s&h or Set of Ten for $30 + $5 s&h per set.  Unless tax exempt, the sales tax is 32 cents for singles and $1.59 for sets.

Strength for the Journey:  Feminist Theology & Baptist Women Pastors by Judith Bledsoe Bailey, 250 p., paperback, $19.95 + 1.05 tax + $4 s&h = $25.

Modern Shapers of Baptist Thought in America by William Powell Tuck, 2012, 544 p., paperback $24 + 1.20 Va. sales tax + 4.80 s&h = $30   hardback $45 + 2.25 Va. sales tax + 5.75 s&h = $53

Reflections of a Journey:  A Memoir of Baptist Men's Ministry & Disaster Relief Response by Virginia Baptists as written by Lloyd F. Jackson, Jr.  $17 plus $3 for s&h.

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