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The Society publishes resources on Baptist history and heritage. Select resources to order from the list below, complete the following order form and mail with a check made payable to the Virginia Baptist Historical Society. For additional resources also visit the Bookstore at the Center for Baptist Heritage & Studies located on the Center’s side of this website and the Bookstore at the Heritage Seekers location on this website. Also visit the part of the Society’s website concerning the Virginia Baptist Register and how to order back issues and selected articles.

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The following contains listing of two categories of books available from the VBHS:  Rare Books and Other Books.  Scroll down thru the Rare Books first and then visit the Other Books category.


The VBHS offers for sale some of its rare books, used books, out-of-print books and other duplicates of books in the collection.  Listed below are a few of the current listings of RARE BOOKS available for purchase.  How to order?  Because the books are rare, even one-of-a-kind items they may not be available unless you follow this ordering procedure:  1)  To reserve a book, telephone the VBHS at (804)289-8434 to determine if the book is still available and to request that it be put aside for you. 2) Send a check for the total amount including the cost of sales tax and shipping and handling and 3) Once your check has arrived and cleared, the book will be shipped.

Titles Available:

1)  Imprisoned Preachers and Religious Liberty in VA by Lewis Peyton Little. 1938.  VG  $285  The definitive account of the persecution of Virginia Baptists and the struggle to secure religious liberty.  Classic

2)  Semple's History of the Rise and Progress of the Baptists in VA. by Robert Baylor Semple, updated by George W. Beale.  1894 edition.  VG  $200  The landmark history of Virginia Baptists by Semple as updated by Beale.  Classic

3) The Baptists of Virginia, 1699-1926 by Garnett Ryland.  1955. VG     $200  The definitive history of Virginia Baptists.  Classic

4) A History of Baptists in Virginia by Reuben E. Alley.  1973.  VG $150 

5) Life and Letters of John A. Broadus by A.T. Robertson.  1901. VG  $50

VG = Very Good Condition  G= Good F=Fair  P=Poor

 The VBHS has a book shop at its headquarters and at any given time there are numerous titles on the shelves.  Below are just a few of the many titles for purchase.  To order, print off the order form above and write in the book number and title and the price.  For each title add $5 for shipping and handling and 5% Virginia sales tax.  Send a check made payable to VBHS to BookShop, VBHS, P.O. Box 34, University of Richmond, VA 23173

C001 History of Dover Association (VA)  $10 + $5 s&h + 5% sales tax or 50cents.

C002 History of Petersburg Association (VA) $20 + +

C003 History of University Church, Charlottesville, VA $20 ++

C004 History of Blue Ridge Association (VA) $30 ++

C005 A How to Manual for Your Church History  $15 ++

C006 God Speaks to Us, Too, Women on church, home, society $45 ++

C007 Church State Matters, Fighting for Religious Liberty $30 ++

C008 The Man & the Controversy: The Life of W.H, Whitsitt $35 ++

C009 The Baptist Identity, Four Fragile Freedoms by Walter Shurden $15 ++

C010 To be a good and faithful servant, the life and works of a minister by Cecil Sherman $20 ++

C011 Avenues of Faith, Shaping the Urban Religious Culture of Richmond, Va.  $12 ++

C012 A Capsule History of Baptist Principles  $20 ++
































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God's Stories
An Illustrated History of Virginia Baptists
Add $3 for S & H.
More Info
Item code A001
Price $35.00
Unto the Hills: Baptists in Southwest Virginia
Story of Baptists in Southwest Virginia from the 1700s to 1890
Add $2 for S & H.
More Info
Item code A002
Price $10.00
Celebrating Religious Liberty in the Life of Virginia Baptists
By Fred Anderson
Add $2 for S & H.
More Info
Item code A003
Price $3.00
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