Donating Church Records & Other Historical Materials…
The Virginia Baptist Historical Society is a repository of church records from Virginia Baptist congregations. Church clerks usually are the persons who initiate the depositing. It is preferred that the church in business session approve the depositing of their congregational records. The preferred records are the official church minutes which usually are recorded and maintained by the church clerk. It is helpful to include membership rolls especially from the earlier churches. Sometimes organizations in the church such as the Woman’s Missionary Union have official records which may be deposited. 
The Society offers safekeeping and/or microfilming of records. The records are kept in archival storage and, unless restricted, may be made available for researchers who visit the Society’s library. 
Microfilming is an excellent way to preserve records by providing another copy without having to excessively handle the originals. Over 500 churches have had their records filmed at the Society. The church reimburses the Society for its expenses which usually are a very modest amount. 
For further information on depositing church records and on microfilming, contact the Society’s research assistant at (804)289-8434.
Other Historical Materials may be accepted as donations to the Society including books by and about Baptists, photographs and portraits, recordings and artifacts. The Society has personal papers from numerous individuals and these include sermons, correspondence, journals and diaries.
The Society also has numerous artifacts ranging from a small pin worn by a Sunbeam Band child to a bank designed like a particular church’s building and intended to hold pennies from children to old pews and pulpits and even a pump organ.   If you have items of possible historical interest associated with Baptists, contact the Society’s research assistant at (804)289-8434.
The Society’s library, museum and archives are constantly growing collections through the gifts from friends.
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